Die Qualitaet und die Faszination erfühlen und so besondere Woerner Geschenkpapiere erschaffen
Captivating packaging

On the lookout for something special

With premium gift packaging, exquisite products become a truly delightful acknowledgement of personal connection, friendship and love. Just as a person’s style of clothes reflects the inner attitude of the wearer, the packaging design emphasises the individual style of a brand.

As Europe’s leading manufacturer of gift wrap and packaging accessories we see ourselves as a trendsetter and partner to the service industry for the supply of exclusive gift packaging.

Our passion is the creation of fascinating packaging concepts, which make the package and the gift a very special experience for all the senses. Our comprehensive, perfectly matched gift wrap and accessories set the trends and emphasise, for example with a corporate design, the message of exclusive products and brands.

We want to be the pioneer for design trends, quality and new products. What counts for us is not only perfect results, but the way to get them. Woerner represents responsible business management and careful use of the world’s natural resources. We also feel we have an obligation to help people outside of our company and therefore are involved long-term in social projects for children.

besonderes Geschenkpapier fasziniert
Qualität und Innovation sind dem Unternehmen Woerner für seine Geschenkpapiere sehr wichtig
Premium quality "Made in Germany"

Excellence by Woerner

We achieve outstanding designs with our high-tech production processes. Technologies which provide the perfect basis for implementing our individual designs and simultaneously open up room for additional innovative design ideas. On our CNC-controlled machines, we create gift wrappings and tissue papers with very high-grade printing and finishing. Customer wishes are implemented in an individual and timely manner, with guaranteed technically and economically perfect results. 

Our resolute refusal to compromise on excellence ensures the highest quality throughout the entire process, with meticulous attention to detail. Our internal quality management system confirms our explicit commitment, from initial consultation through printing up to logistics: Woerner quality made in Germany continually sets Europe-wide standards.

Shape the future

Social responsibility

We also want to achieve something special and lasting for society as a whole. We have therefore been engaged for many years supporting a kindergarten class for children with multiple disabilities. One of our extended projects is "Drawings for Life".


"We create our exceptional Woerner style for everyone who shares our passionate love for the exciting mixture of design, colour and texture.“ Gregor Krampe


Experience and innovation capability

Woerner is the expert for high-grade gift wrapping and has one of the longest experience of developing exclusive gift wrapping and packaging concepts. In 1895 Carl Woerner founded the company for paper products in Rastatt, and today the employees still commit all their abilities and enthusiasm to achieve outstanding packaging concepts for the gift service sector.

The spirit of innovation and the claim of creating special products for an exclusive clientele was a strong incentive right from the beginning. Continual further training and our holistic thinking also motivate us to top performance in the future, so that we will remain the clear market leader for service gift wrapping in Europe. 

Managing Directors

Gregor and Florian Krampe, owners and managing directors of Woerner + Cie. now in the fourth generation of family ownership

Inspiration and enthusiasm for extraordinary service gift wrappings. We achieve and develop our concepts with the know-how of our family-owned enterprise in the fourth generation and the passion of an innovative team of experts. By engaging in intensive dialog with customers, the two Woerner descendants, managing directors Gregor and Florian Krampe, ensure the continual development of the Woerner collection and the technical capacities to provide packaging solutions that lead the way in Europe.