Tissue Paper with Corporate Print

The finest luxury for special products

Fine tissue paper with corporate print gives every brand-named product an additional touch of luxury and adds to its value in a very particular and fascinating way. Our tissue paper with corporate print in innovative ultra-gloss, transparent lacquer or gloss colour is also available for small editions.

QualityTissue paper white, 18 gsm, acid-free
Tissue paper coloured, 21 gsm, acid-free
Tissue paper black, 25 gsm, acid-free
PrintHigh-gloss relief colour or matt colour
Metallic relief colour in gold, silver or copper
Transparent UV relief varnish
Alcantara or foam effect colour
Size50 x 70 cm or 70 x 100 cm
Minimum Order50 kg
Delivery time4 – 6 weeks

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Daten Corporate Print (en)
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