Environmentally friendly production


Preserving our natural environment and our resources for future generations is very important to us. We place special emphasis on the environment throughout our entire production process and we are committed to avoiding or reducing greenhouse gasses.
From the purchase of our raw materials such as recycling paper or FSC®-certified paper from sustainable forests (FSC C101566) to CO2-decreased production with water-based ink and the complete recycling of valuable waste materials such as paper and ink.

Our latest project for protecting our environment is carbon neutral production. The idea here is to compensate for remaining emissions that cannot be avoided by purchasing emission reduction certificates from recognised climate protection projects.

We have determined our individual CO2 footprint in collaboration with ClimatePartner and can now offer you climate neutral wrapping paper and tissue paper. We calculate the amount of CO2 emissions generated during the production of your wrapping paper and tissue paper and compensate for it through internationally recognised climate protection projects. By compensating for emissions, you make your paper carbon neutral. Costs add up to 1 – 2 % of the total order value. We will send you a corresponding emissions reduction certificate which you can use for your customers' information by placing it at your packing stations, for example.